MLB strikes out in Atlanta, Republicans balk

It appears voter identification is more horrifying than mass genocide when it comes to sports.

On Friday, Major League Baseball announced it would pull its All-Star game this year as well as its Draft Day from Atlanta over Georgia passing its new voting law.

“Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box,” Commissioner Rob Manfred said. President Biden earlier last week said he would support MLB’s move.

Yet the Biden White House has no position on the US Olympic Committee sending amateur athletes to China despite the genocide and forced detentions of the Uyghur people in western China.

Re-education camps and forced abortions and sterilizations are fine, requesting the last four digits of your Social Security number is racist. It harkens back to Jim Crow or “Jim Eagle era” as Biden awkwardly stated last week.

The Chinese Winter Olympics are to begin 11 months from now. Why is the US Olympic Committee not petitioning the international sporting committee to move or postpone the games over this human tragedy?

Republican lawmakers Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Dan Crenshaw have slammed the Biden administration for the duplicity, while others are drafting legislation to end MLB’s anti-trust exception.

I’ll be looking into going to an independent league baseball game this year. Same since I thought my New York Mets might have a shot this year.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.


1 thought on “MLB strikes out in Atlanta, Republicans balk

  1. Thanks for pointing out the Obvious, here, Mike!!! We need to vote with our dollars, as well. These corporations don’t “own us”,,,,,,do they?!!! 😉

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