Florida Gov. DeSantis replaces Trump as left’s new fake news subject

It appears Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become the new punching bag of leftist media since former President Donald Trump left the White House.

The Republican governor has bucked the CoVid-19 draconian measures found in many Democratic-controlled states and still has lower numbers per capita across the board from the virus. Lower infections, lower hospitalizations, lower deaths, despite having a higher median age than New York, California and Illinois.

DeSantis also told the feds they can stick the vaccine passport, he is not going to implement it.

So “60 Minutes” attempted to bull rush DeSantis at a press conference with a hit piece on how he was involved with a pay-to-play scheme with the state’s largest retail chain Publix with over 800 pharmacy locations. The once respected CBS news show was attempting to link Publix being names a vaccine provider with a $100,000 donation in made to the DeSantis’ campaign weeks earlier.

After “60 Minutes” tweeted the story as a tease just prior to airing it Sunday night, Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat, who is Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, tweeted back refuting any link between the two events.

“I said this before and I’ll say it again. Publix was recommended by Florida’s Division of Emergency Management and Florida’s Health Department as other pharmacies were not ready to start. Period!” Moskowitz wrote under the Twitter handle Jared MASKowitz.

Instead of “60 Minutes” doing real journalism and finding out why Florida residents can enjoy so many more freedoms and still not suffer as many CoVid-19 deaths or infections as those Democratic-controlled states with severe lock downs, the show tried to gin up another fake news narrative against another Republican.

I would think somewhere Mike Wallace is rolling in his grave over this fake gotcha news reporting.

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