NYC mayoral candidate Yang wants to belly up to the bar

New York City restaurants and bars are in the center of the mayoral race as pols look to curry favor with the electorate and rollback embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pandemic edicts.

On Tuesday candidate Andrew Yang proposed lifting overly restrictive measures that would allow the establishments to remain open longer and put customers back on stools at the bar.

“Bars and restaurants have been through enough this past year, but even still, they continue to be hampered by nonsensical pandemic regulations,” Yang told The New York Post.

“We need to stop getting in the way of policies that would help tens of thousands of hospitality workers and owners, and lift our entire economy in the process.”

The Democratic mayoral candidate pointed to a state audit that estimated 6,0000 to 12,000 of the city’s eateries are in danger of closing for good following restrictions imposed during the pandemic.

Meanwhile New York legislators are looking to rollback another Cuomo dictate and end the need for New York City restaurants and bars to sell food with any drink orders.

“It is time to begin removing certain restrictions and regulations that are no longer necessary, so we can safely reopen and rebuild our state’s economy,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers-Scarsdale) said in a statement.

However no pol has mentioned allowing New York City establishments to open up their businesses further to the state mandate of 75 percent occupancy, which would spur further economic growth for the industry.

This should be the time to let New Yorkers breathe and end the Cuomo Chip era.


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