NYC education leaders perpetuate Asian hate

I have written often how I believe the teachers unions’ leadership — not individual educators — are behind the thought that America suffers from systemic racism.

The union leadership has for decades thwarted efforts for the school funding to follow the student, thereby giving parents school choice. Instead trillions of dollars are poured into a system that perpetuates mediocre results in mainly overcrowded city schools.

Think about what a robust educational landscape New York City would have with public, private, charter and religious educational choice for all families. Aw yes, but many teachers would not be unionized and there’s the rub.

Well now New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his newly appointed Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter want to follow the union’s lead and do away merit-test-based admission to the city’s eight specialty high schools.

“It’s far past time for our students to be fairly represented,” Porter said when citing the newest statistics for the upcoming high school acceptance class.

Asians won 54 percent of this year’s freshman class seats; Whites, 28 percent; Hispanics, 5 percent and African-Americans, 4 percent.

Funny how liberals charge President Trump with fostering the growing violence against Asians with his “China Virus” comments from over a year ago, but now you have the leaders of New York City telling other minorities that Asians are standing between you and a good education and no racism charges are brought.

The Ivy League schools can require a higher SAT score for incoming Asian students and that’s not racism either.

Over the weekend it was revealed that the American Federation of Teachers demanded that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention not recommend a full reopening of in-person classrooms when it issued its guidelines in February.

This shows just how important “educating children” is to the union bigs. They never have the child’s best interest at heart. It is always about perpetuating the status quo. These children have been out of the classroom for a year but the union could not care about their well being.

I don’t have any faith that this funding mechanism will change under a Biden administration and that is a damn shame for our kids.


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