WordPress demonetized Gray’s Economy

Over the weekend I discovered that WordPress, my blog publishing service, has demonetized Gray’s Economy. This means the company is no long placing ads on my blog, which means I no longer receive revenue for writing this each day.

WordPress never told me of their decision nor have yet provided a reason for their actions.

Yes I have told you previously that Twitter banned Gray’s Economy from its service as a way of silencing voices they disagree with and now WordPress has done the same.

What does this mean for Gray’s Economy?

I will continue to write the blog here for the thousands of daily readers I have. But I will also post this blog on SubStack.com, which is a free speech alternative to WordPress. The blog is still called Grays Economy on SubStack and depending on viewership revenue can be gotten from them.

I find it very aggravating that these technology companies can and do have the right to ban conservative voices that goes against their own politics. As I have written prior these social media tech providers should be considered like a utility company. Verizon cannot stop your cell service for something you say on your phone. Neither can the electric company turn off your power for something you write on the internet.

So as I am about to publish this on WordPress, I’m not quite sure how the company will react to this post, so look for me on SubStack.com if you do not get further notifications from WordPress about this blog.


3 thoughts on “WordPress demonetized Gray’s Economy

  1. Hi Michael – I can not find “Grays Economy” on substack.com

    Before, and after, making an account for myself, ThePythonicCow, I searched for “Gray”, “Grays”, “Economy”, “Grays Economy”, and scanned down their list of writers in each of the categories “Business” and “Finance”. I don’t see you there


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