NYPD officer had a mother of a day

Stay with me on this topic since it is not one I usually cover, but feel now that I am moving platforms I can write about it when it matters: Namely, Defend The Cops.

Was there ever more poignant video of what motherhood and good policing means than the images of NYPD Officer Alyssa Vogel running to an ambulance with a 4-year old girl through Times Square over the weekend.

The toddler was one of three gunshot victims on Saturday while the family was standing outside a toy store.

Officer Vogel — a mother of a 6-month old son — and her partner applied a tourniquet to the tot’s leg and then was informed that the Emergency Medical Service ambulance was not going to come to the site of the shooting since the gunman was not apprehended.

Thus Officer Vogel took matters into her own hands, picked up the tot and sprinted through a chaotic Times Square with the frantic mom in tow to the ambulance two blocks away.

That’s what mothers do. They solve problems and take control. Vogel’s actions show what good cops do as well.

On Monday I wrote about how WordPress had demonetized this blog — meaning I could no longer make money since the company no longer paced ads on my posts.

I was a little perturbed and did not provide enough information on where you can find me.

My new future home will be at https://michael471.substack.com/ or you can search Substack.com for Gray’s Economy. In a few weeks I will no longer post on WordPress.com but I want to give my many followers here some time to adjust. Please subscribe at the link above so you get notifications on daily postings.


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