NY Dems in circular firing squad over shootings

New York Democrats are at each others throats over the escalating gun violence with none of them having the answer.

Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams blasted Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed plan on Wednesday saying it was too little, too late. Cuomo’s staff said the plan was proposed because Mayor Bill de Blasio was too soft and ineffectual in dealing with the rise in gun violence.

What all these Dems fail to see is this is what you get when you tell criminals that all cops are bad and that you want to defund them.

When you choose a life-long criminal, who jabbed a gun in a pregnant women’s stomach, as your martyr — despite dying of a Fentanyl overdose — you have as much credibility as the guy holding the sign outside Penn Station saying “The End Is Near”.

To the gangs of New York, criminal justice reform was a fancy way of saying here is your get out of jail free card and by the way here’s $200 for passing Go.

No none of these “feel good” police tactics will stem the tide of shootings in NYC. The kid-glove treatment has proven that over the last year.

I believe that NYC’s staunch gun laws only strap ordinary citizens, who should be allowed to carry a legal firearm. If a criminal knows he is probably the only one in Times Square with a gun, then he has no fear of brandishing that weapon.

However, if good New Yorkers were able to defend themselves and exercise their 2nd Amendment, then these criminals may think twice before pulling their illegal gun.

Ordinary New Yorkers need to have their voices heard. Enough with the left’s thoughts on how to police the city. The crime stats show that if you uncuff the police and let them do their jobs the city is safer.

And that is exactly what New York needs if it will ever come back.


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