What’s going on at the FBI?

A new blockbuster report suggests that the plot to kidnap Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer last year was organized by FBI informants.

Buzzfeed — not a bastion of conservative news — reports that at least12 of the 14 members had ties to the FBI, according to court filings, evidence and interviews.

One of the suspects has accused the FBI of entrapment, claiming the informants encouraged other criminal activities, and even led military-style trainings for the conspirators.

This is the same FBI that informed social media CEOs in the early fall last year that any news regarding Hunter Biden’s actions in Ukraine or China should be considered foreign disinformation and should be banned from their sites.

Of course that ban happen with Facebook and Twitter censoring The New York Post from promoting its Hunter Biden laptop story in the lead up to the 2020 presidential election.

Let’s not forget that the FBI and the Justice Department also lied to the FISA court over Trump administration’s ties with Russia, which only led to one criminal conviction.

And yet through all this Christopher Wray is still remains the FBI chief.

Well if the reporting is correct in the Buzzfeed story then it leads me to more questions about the Jan.6th protest at The Capitol Building.

Why were there so many videos of “protesters” changing into MAGA garb outside the building before entering?

Why was the building stormed before ex-President Trump even finished his speech more than 2 miles away?

Why did the Congressional Democratic leadership have so few assets deployed to protect the Capitol?

What became of the explosives found around the building before the protest? Were they planted? And if so by whom?

Unfortunately, I do not think any of these questions will be asked, never mind answered as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nixed two Republicans — Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana — from serving on her partisan January 6 special committee on Wednesday.


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