NY Dems play ‘Who’s on First’

New York’s Abbott and Costello comedy routine was on full display Monday as Gov Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio performed their version of “Who’s on First” over vaccines and mask mandates.

With the Governor’s executive order long expired, Cuomo can only prod local officials to his diktats. However that did not stop him from telling private businesses to mandate vaccinated-only entry to their establishments on Monday.

He cited a Radio City Music Hall concert a few months ago as the model. However Cuomo neglected to mention that people were infected at the event. Selective memory, I guess.

De Blasio continued the comedy skit by answering “I don’t know,” to the questions about vaccinations for private business customers. He is not looking to punish people who are vaccinated and wants to use the jab as a carrot. Cuomo is all stick, as usual.

Bloomberg News reported that there are over 110,000 cases of “breakthrough COVID-19” — i.e., vaccinated Americans with COVID-19. Why do you think the CDC is in a panic and just recommended masks for vaccinated Americans? Perhaps the vaccine isn’t working on the Delta variant?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allegedly stopped reporting on breakthrough COVID-1 cases on its site in May.

So I ask NY’s comic team, “Who is the pitcher?”

They answer, “Tomorrow.”

Perhaps then we will be able to “follow the science” and “follow the facts.”


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