CoVid-19 breakthroughs require therapeutic response

Note to my readers, this post will not be deemed credible for about four months, but like my post from April 2020, when I said the virus escaped from the Wuhan Lab and I was thrown off Twitter and demonitized, it will come through.

Earlier this week former CDC Director Robert Redfield explained how the Delta variant comes from a weaponized lab-borne virus and how it is more highly effective as a contagion when compared to earlier versions of Covid-19.

He predicted that an even more infectious variant will emerge later this year due to the fact that this virus was not a product of natural selection, but was man-made to take on human tissue with greater and greater effectiveness because as Redfield says, :This virus got a jump start.”

This greatly explains the “breakthrough” cases in those already vaccinated.

The time is now to push for therapeutic treatments for the new variants. While vaccines currently reduce dire results of contacting CoVid-19, this virus and its latest weaponized variants will be with humans for decades.

We have to treat it like any other chronic disease and develop remedies for treating it. The vaccine is not the answer even if we get to a 100% vaccinated rate, since you can still spread it despite the jab.

Diet and vitamin protocols should also be part of the process to develop effective therapeutics.

Look for this to become the latest news around Halloween.


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