Voter ID: racist, Vaxx ID: OK, Dems

I would love for a Democrat to explain the difference between these two scenarios.

It’s racist and discriminatory to ask for identification when voting, Democrats say. Yet, it’s perfectly fine to ask for ID when showing your vaccination status in NYC, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In NYC Black vaccination rates are 35 percentage points lower than the overall city rate of 75%, yet the vaxx mandate is not racist even though it is targeted — silently — against this group.

Last week the city ran four Hip Hop concerts in the outer boroughs with the vaxx mandate in place in an effort to raise vaccination rates among the younger black community. No word on how successful that was.

On Friday New York City Councilman Mark D. Levine said that de Blasio’s new “Key to NYC” program needs to be accompanied by a photo ID to prevent fraud.

However in 2015 Levine said: “Finally a court rules that voter ID law is a civil rights violation. Sadly too late to undo damage done in 2014 elex.”

Not sure how you circle the square in that logic.

You need to show an ID to go to the movies or eat in a restaurant, but something as important as voting you should not need to show any proof of citizenship.

Surely the inane Democratic talking point from last year that Blacks and other minorities have a harder time getting a government-issued photo ID card should be raised here, No?

If the Democrats think photo ID will prevent fraud during a pandemic, then they should want the same for the greatest freedom every American enjoys: The right to vote.


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