The liberals’ daily persuasive anti-vaxx death story

Has anyone else noticed the news story on CNN about the lonely anti-faxxer who passed away from CoVid-19?

The daily anecdote sets up like this: Anti-vaxxer Conservative Radio Host, 66, Dies of CoVid or today’s installment, Texas Girl, 4, Dies After Getting CoVid from Anti-faxxer Mom. Monday’s story was about a man who went died after going to 42 ICUs and was unable to get help because the units were jammed with CoVid patients. The last sentence of the story usually says that the deceased wished they took the vaccine before it was too late.

The shaming by the left is over the top. It’s meant to be persuasive, I assume. However, it is pointed at the wrong demographic when it comes to NYC.

While Mayor Bill de Blasio ballyhoos 11 million jabs for New Yorkers, the city’s minority vaccination rate is half that of the overall city rate of around 72%.

As de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for restaurants, gyms and movie theaters began on Monday, it will fail to have any impact in raising the vaxx levels in these neighborhoods.

Perhaps the Mayor’s office should take a page out of the leftist’s persuasive handbook and announce the number of deaths in its daily indicators to prod more people to take a shot.


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