Biden’s Covid-19 deaths surpasses Trump

The Covid-19 death toll under President Joe Biden now surpasses the American lives lost under former President Donald Trump, according to Johns Hopkins University’s data.

This startling statistic comes despite Biden promising he could beat the virus and having a vaccine from day one of his presidency. A luxury Trump did have have until his last month in office.

Some 353,000 Americans have passed since Jan. 1, 2021. That is roughly more than 1,000 more deaths than under Trump.

While Biden has instituted mask and vaccine mandates, the data shows none of these efforts appear to be stemming the deaths. The COVID-19 seven-day fatality rate last month was higher than September a year ago.

So what can we take away from these numbers?

First, if there is a vaccine, then why does the vaccine not work?

If you believe the rate of vaccination is 75%+ in the US, then how is this a pandemic of the unvaccinated?

If there is such a thing as herd immunity, then why are we seeing an escalation in the death toll year-over-year?

Will Biden be asked any of these questions? Of course not. It was Trump who killed Americans, but Uncle Joe will get a pass from the media.

Meanwhile our economy goes into the crapper with all these supply chain dislocations caused by vaccine mandates, which according to the science are having little effect in combating the pandemic. Truckers, dock workers and pilots are just the beginning of our 4th quarter woes.


Here is a quick hit that hope will not come out true.

Look for Dr. Anthony Fauci to say he is concerned about college football games being super-spreader events if the “Let’s Go Brandon” continue.

Just saying.


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