Dems want to break things that are not broken

Let me start out by saying Happy Columbus Day to everyone, despite what the White House wants to call the day.

To say all is not lost would be wrong. In California a new law was signed by Gov Gavin Newsom that tells large retail stores that they cannot only have a Boys and Girls department, but they need to have a gender-neutral department.

It seems the new law feels it is biased to use blue and pink in this strange new world.

In a classic governmental overreach California is telling big-box stores that the colors pink and blue, when used in marketing, reinforce gender stereotypes that can be “harmful”.

So we have gone from pink “pussy hats” in 2016 to a “harmful” stereotype in five years?

Let me know when I can off this ride, because it is insane.

In other socialist news Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Friday he wants to phase out New York City’s Gifted and Talented education program claiming it is racist.

City Hall cites that the racial makeup of the classes reflects an unfair bias. Asian students account for 43 percent of Gifted and Talented students despite being just 16.2 percent in the school system.

White students make up 36 percent in Gifted and Talented classes, with Hispanics at 8 percent and African-Americans at 6 percent.

The mayor wants to begin a new program in his last months in office called Brilliant NYC that will offer “accelerated instruction for tens of thousands of children, as opposed to a select few,” de Blasio said.

So now de Blasio is committing his own Asian hate crime. Remember both his children went through the same Gifted and Talented program.

Lastly, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House chief medical adviser, said Sunday the kids should go trick or treating on Halloween because it is outside. This comes after he warned that Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings could be a problem.

I guess the world is getting better because last year Fauci said kids should not enjoy Halloween because of the pandemic.

You really can’t make any of this up.


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