Red wave to breach the midterm elections

Now that the dust of the 2021 election has settled with little to no impact on the national stage, Democrats are lining up at the exit when it comes to the midterm election next year.

Already nine House Democrats have indicated that they will retire from public office in 2022. Sen. Patrick Leahy — the long time senator from Vermont — has also said he is standing down.

Earlier this week there was speculation that NYC Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler was eyeing the exit when it comes to 2022 election.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy predicted more retirements as Democrats grapple with the prospect of being in the minority.

“Once you get past Thanksgiving and members go home, and they’re Democrats, and they’ve been challenged before, and they’re going to get beat up, Congress is not that great,” he said to the media.

Is the writing on the wall for Republicans to take both chambers of Congress?

Well Democrats only hold an eight-seat majority in the House and the Senate is 50-50 right now.

History would dictate that 2022 will be a good year for Republicans. Over the last eight first term presidents, the opposition party has won additional seats in the next midterm election.

It’s still early, but former President Bill Clinton’s adviser Dick Morris citing polls after a Republican Glenn Youngkin upset Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia said, “If these polls are accurate, you’re looking at a [GOP] gain of 70 to 80 seats in the House and easy control of the Senate.”

Morris also predicts that any Democrats left after the dust settles in 2022 will be minorities, with white Democrats falling by the wayside.

Americans love divided government. It keeps Washington, DC in check. Something we woefully need at this time.


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