De Blasio not giving good NYers a shot in the arm

A month from now NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams is going to have to hit the ground running just to undo mayor of Bill de Blasio’s outlandish term-ending decisions.

Case in point the two sanctioned “safe injection sites” the city opened on Tuesday in upper Manhattan. One site is in Washington Heights and the other in East Harlem with two others planned.

Residents near these shooting galleries are fuming over what they see as the tacit approval of city government to allow and reward illegal heroin and other narcotic use in their neighborhood.

Once these users find their safe haven for use with medical staffs, who can bring them back from an overdose, why leave the neighborhood? Surely drug dealers will migrate to the area knowing there are plenty of users looking for product.

And the users will not stray too afar in looking for cash to buy the drugs they can use in “safety” of the clinics.

No this is another example of de Blasio’s progressive agenda doing harm to law-abiding New Yorkers.

I can only assume, but I believe it is true that no one in the shooting gallery needs to provide a vaxx card before entering.


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