San Fran mayor going broke after getting woke

In the latest example of get woke, go broke the San Francisco mayor has reversed her order on defund the police and wants local politicians to vote to raise more funds to fight the escalating crime and lawlessness in the Bay area.

“It is time for the reign of criminals to end,” she said. “And it comes to an end when are we more aggressive with law enforcement and less tolerant of all the bulls–t that has destroyed our city,” said San Francisco Mayor London Breed in a complete turnaround from her position last year.

San Francisco along with other California cities have seen a rapid escalation in crime after these cities lurched towards ultra progressiveness in 2020 following the George Floyd murder.

After the Floyd trial Breed cut $120 million from the law enforcement budgets in the city last year.

The latest woke culture that may have broken the city is the smash-and-grab mobs roaming San Francisco. These gangs overwhelm a retail location and just grab merchandise and run out of the store. Plenty of videos show mobs looting a Louis Vuitton showroom among other high-end shops still open in the city.

Let’s remember San Francisco was the first city to have an app for your phone telling you where human excrement was located on the streets.

So for this mayor and district attorney to do an about face on fighting crime and actually start prosecuting offenders, it must have gotten very bad out there. Or there may be an election coming up soon and no one was contributing to her campaign.

That is probably closer to the truth. Get woke and go broke strikes again.


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