All I want for Christmas is no more mandates

I have a sense that if this was a Friday in August, New York politicians including Governor Kathy Hochul, would be shutting down the city over the latest CoVid-19 numbers.

Perhaps we are lucky that Christmas is just eight days away, which will restrain her and outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio from playing Scrooge.

As the new weaker variant, Omicron, hits the city infection rates are higher, yet hospitalizations are lower. This variant could be our savior.

Like all viruses over time they get weaker in order to survive. If a virus kills all its victims, then it will not propagate through the population and remain viable. Well the Omicron variant is living up to this claim.

What the “science” needs to do is take into account natural immunity. That’s a term –– along with herd immunity –– that we have not heard about for the last year. Early in the pandemic health officials were talking about 70% vaccination rates or people with natural immunity that would dampen the effect of the virus.

Well NYC has vaccination rates are above 85% and natural immunity probably makes it close to 100% but you don’t hear about that at all from politicians or health department officials.

This virus will probably be with us for years to come just like the flu. There is little we can do to mitigate that because the vaccine is not a preventive, but just a therapeutic to minimize the effect. That’s why people who got the jab can get the virus again.

However, people who have had CoVid are extremely rare to get it again, according to Dr. Peter McCullough a board-certified cardiologist who has testified before committees of the US Congress regarding the treatment of COVID-19 and management of the ongoing pandemic. He has an excellent interview with Joe Rogan here.

What we need are politicians and health department officials to understand this reality and take a step back from the bully pulpit they stand on and let Americans get on with their lives unfettered by mandates and diktats.

Unfortunately I don’t think human nature will allow these officials to step back from that power.

It is up to us –– the individuals –– to reclaim our rights and push back on the mandates to reclaim our God-given rights.

So as we enter Christmas week let’s all ask for our officials to pause and reflect on their mandates. To seek alternatives to the tiresome reactions over the last two years and think about the vast majority that need to survive economically and mentally.

No more shutdowns, no more mandates. Let’s live and let live. That would be the greatest Christmas present of all.


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