NY bill to allow health officials to lock up unvaxxed people

It’s time for action for New York state residents.

There is a bill in the state assembly to be voted on early next year that would allow health officials to lock up people it deems a “significant threat to public health” and remove them from public life on an indefinite basis.

Yes, you read that right.

New York state Bill A416 is a serious risk to the basic liberties of all New Yorkers, including their right to choose whether or not to receive medical treatment and vaccinations related to any undetermined contagious diseases.

Not only do we have health officials demanding that we take an experimental vaccine, now this bill will allow them to issue a lock down order on any individuals they deem a threat.

Let’s remember it was New York State Health Director Howard Zucker who in 2020 ordered CoVid-19 infected patients into nursing homes, which killed thousands of New York’s most vulnerable.

And then ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo tried to cover up the number of deaths brought about because of this order.

This bill needs to be knocked down. How in the world would we allow unelected state workers to have the power to remand a person to be locked up with no civil rights?

The time to act is now. Contact your state senator and assembly person and demand they vote down this bill.


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