Dr. Chokshi is the real leader of NYC

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” sang The Who some 55 years ago. Little did we know they were speaking about NYC leadership in 2022.

Incoming mayor Eric Adams appears to have little appetite to strike down many of Bill de Blasio’s draconian mandates when it comes to CoVid. This despite Adams talking a good game with business leaders about bringing the city back to some normalcy from this three year pandemic.

Why do I say this?

Well, Adams has already stated that de Blasio’s health commissioner, Dr. Dave Chokshi, will remain in his role through mid-March of next year.

Chokshi, who no one elected, is hellbent on destroying this city in the name of health edicts. He has been pushing vaccine mandates in the name of science without using the scientific method.

If vaccines worked, then why are cases soaring in NYC right now with a vaccine rate of nearly 90% in most areas?

Chokshi has not uttered the term herd immunity since March of this year it seems. He had not spoken about natural immunity either. These are scientific realities when you are dealing with a viral outbreak.

Speaking about the science, the “vaccines” should be called a therapeutic, since it only mitigates the virus. If you can still contract the virus and spread it after the jabs, then it is not a vaccine by definition.

The soft spoken Chokshi has affected more lives in NYC without anyone voting for him. He has had cops, fireman and nurses among others let go from their jobs. He is now going after private businesses in the same way with his maniacal conviction on vaccines.

Yet Chokshi and de Blasio — and I would venture Adams as well — will not target the areas where vaxx rate is the lowest in NYC’s public housing.

Let’s take jobs away from the pandemic heroes, most of whom had CoVid early on, but not make a vaccine mandate for people on public assistance where comorbidities run very high.

No let’s go after the people struggling to bring back the city, they are too busy to complain.

I have a sense that Chokshi in the next few years may have a similar problem that ex-NYS Health Commissioner Howard Zucker ran into. That being having blind faith in the pharmaceutical industry is a double-edged sword that can cut very deep.


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