Two groups of hospitalizations: ‘For Covid’ and ‘With CoVid’

The latest numbers coming out of New York City’s Health Department on hospitalized CoVid patients show that roughly 50% of them have another medical problem and are found to have CoVid after testing.

The remaining 50% arrive because of testing positive prior or suffering from Covid symptoms.

There are “about 1,200 cases in our hospital system,” of whom “about 50 percent are admitted with CoVid and 50 percent admitted for CoVID,” Dr. Steven Corwin, CEO of the New York-Presbyterian healthcare network said.

“Fifty percent are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, and 50 percent have two doses of the vaccine,” however Corwin didn’t specify the specific numbers with the “For group” and the “With Group” for admissions.

Also we are finally getting some truth out of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing infection, meaning some who are fully vaccinated will still get CoVid, according to the latest out of the CDC. Those who are fully vaccinated and experience a breakthrough case are less likely to develop serious illness than those who are unvaccinated and get CoVid. Yet both these groups can spread the disease.

So why with the mask and vaccination mandates if it comes down to a personal choice? If the vaccine can only ensure my outcome after getting CoVid and does nothing for someone else then mandates totally violate the left’s mantra of “my body, my choice.”

There is no other way of looking at it. Whether I am vaccinated or unvaccinated has little affect on people I make contact with. It may impact my reaction to the disease if I had comorbidities.

Listen as of Tuesday 95% of New Yorkers had at least one dose of the vaccine, according to state records and 83.4% are considered fully vaccinated.

These are astonishing levels of compliance for New Yorkers. So with a surge in cases and allegedly soaring hospitalizations (see above), it is pretty clear that booster jabs are not the answer to Omicron variant.

We don’t need no stinking mandates, we just need people to return to being considerate of others. If you feel ill, stay home and take a test. If positive, isolate a few days, so not to get family, friends and co-workers sick.

That’s how we beat this. Follow the science on viruses for the last 100 years.


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