Biden administration can’t even keep store shelves full

Have you been to a grocery store recently?

The lack of choices or empty shelves is a testament to President Joe Biden and his administration’s decisions on how to fight the CoVid pandemic.

National chains of grocery and drug stores have empty shelves for paper goods and other non-perishable items on a regular basis. It appears the Biden administration has an affinity with the old Soviet Union.

Product scarcity seems to become the norm today despite prices rising almost 7% due to the White House printing more money than ever before. The 40-year high in rising prices is still not enough of an inducement to keep the shelves full of products.

Some Democrats are touting Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg as a potential presidential candidate should Biden decide not to run in 2024. Not sure how Americans over 40 feel about a candidate that took a three-month paternity leave at the height of a shipping crisis.

So to recap. The land of plenty has now become the land of scarcity under Biden, despite prices going through the roof on every item bought. Senior citizens on a fixed income can’t find nor afford basic necessaries.

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America. I think it is time for Americans to say das vedanya or good bye to the Democrats starting this year.


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