Democrats turn their back on Asian hate crimes

The murder of an Asian woman in Chinatown this week shows how NYC politicians have so perverted their reality that we are all in danger.

Christina Yuna Lee was stabbed 40 times by a career criminal who stalked her as she entered her apartment building and all some Democratic lawmakers can say is that ex-President Donald Trump or Republican’s tax policy agenda items are to blame.

There’s no mention that this is the second horrible murder of an Asian woman at the hands of a deranged Black man this year. Michelle Go was killed in Times Square in January when a Black man pushed her in front of a train entering the station.

Democratic lawmakers like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say that taking away the child-tax credit is to blame. You must be kidding me to think that. A career criminal, who is out on no bail for previous crimes, is not killing someone because of a tax credit pull back.

Ms. Lee died because Democrats have gotten soft on crime. She would not have been murdered if her killer was held in prison for his previous seven assaults since 2017. It was the same with Ms. Go’s assailant.

No, the Dems love to point the finger at Trump. When White House flack Jen Psaki was asked about the soaring rise of anti-Asian crime she went back to the old playbook of blaming Trump.

“We’ve seen this rise, unfortunately, because of hate-filled rhetoric and language around the origins of the pandemic,” said Psaki, echoing her previous comments when she blamed “the prior administration [for] calling COVID the ‘Wuhan virus’ [which] led to perceptions . . . that have . . . elevated threats against Asian Americans.”

How these Democrats can look at you straight in your face and lie to you should be all you need to know on how to vote in November.


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