Adams’ new “unhoused” teams have deck stacked against them

Mayor Eric Adams new plan to deal with homelessness — or “the unhoused” as the leftist now call them — is to deploy teams consisting of school nurses and outreach workers along with an NYPD officers on the subways.

This “crackdown” can only end one way. It’s not a good way, it is a dead end.

Someone will die during these interventions and Adams will be to blame. You can’t send Polly Purebreds out on the subways to bring people into the system when they already decided no thanks for a myriad of reasons.

Look its bad enough that Adams and his new Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell can’t keep people safe, now they want to put innocent do-gooders in harms way. Hell, NYC can’t keep a murdered Asian woman’s side walk memorial from being desecrated days after her killing.

A Feb. 8 email, according to The New York Post, shows that the city and the MTA began recruiting Department of Health nurses who work in the city’s public schools to volunteer for the program and undergo training.

I’m sure public school nurses have enough on their plate dealing with CoVid and would not line up to ride the A train through East New York, Brooklyn at night even if they had NYPD back up.

No Mr. Mayor this new effort will end poorly for someone. Either the “unhoused” person will lash out at the nurse and injure them or the police officer will have to confront the “victim” in some way.

Bad headlines either way for Hizzoner.

On a separate note my heart goes out to FDNY firefighter Jesse Gerhard, 33, and his family for their loss on Thursday morning. Gerhard died of an apparent heart attack after battling a two-alarm fire in the Rockaways on Wednesday.

Like Adams and Sewell, FDNY acting Commissioner Laura Kavanagh had to show up in an emergency room less than 24 hours after taking the job. Adams and Sewell were under similar circumstances hours into taking over their respective positions.

At some point New York City needs a win. I’m not sure the city is capable of that right now.


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