Crime still soaring in Adams’ Apple

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been imploring businesses to bring their workers back to Manhattan in order for the city to rebound economically.

However, Hizzoner will not budge on his mandates or provide a level of safety for these commuting-adverse workers.

In 2022, Manhattan and the other boros feel more like the wild west as crime stats soar when compared to 2020 pre-CoVid numbers, according to NYPD’s CompStat database.

Serious felony crime is up nearly 14 percent this year over 2020 levels, however that number is probably dampen by district attorneys marking down felonies to misdemeanors.

New York has seen an uptick in felony assaults, burglary and grand larceny in the first two months. Now for the specifics:

Serious assaults: Have risen 11% with more than 300 felonies this year, from 2020 levels — 2,994 versus 2690.

Burglaries: Up 6.6% from 1,908 to 2,034 from 2020 levels.

Grand Larcenies: Risen 7% from 3,753 to 6,763 from 2020 levels.

Shootings: Have soared nearly 60% from 2020 levels, with 97 to 154 incidents.

While Adams’ Subway Crime Task Force has only just begun to roll out Monday, but this weekend saw another leg up in crime on the system.

If the city cannot get the subways safe, then all the pleading in the word will not get straphangers back underground. It’s as simply as that.

My advice to City Hall is don’t make commuters part of your reducing crime program. The transit problem will not be fixed by additional passengers, you will only see a rise in victims as it stands right now.

If you rebuild it, they will come. And the it in that sentence is safety.


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