Firefighter union wants recent FDNY deaths probed over CoVid

Here is another story that is not being reported in any mainstream media.

Lt. James McCarthy, president of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, has requested recently that the FDNY and the department’s chief medical officer should take a look at the six recent deaths because “we need to find out if [there are] any similarities between these five or six people who have died recently.” 

Last week’s request eschewed the political positions over the CoVid treatments and vaccine mandates. McCarthy said that his membership wants to know if CoVid symptoms or the vaccine could have played a role in the recent medical emergencies.

McCarthy cited six of the recent deaths of FDNY personal:

Probationary firefighter Vincent Malveaux, 31, cause of death is still “pending further study,” according to the New York City Medical Examiner after nearly three months after Malveaux collapsed during training session on Randalls Island at the FDNY Academy. He died Dec. 3 at Harlem Hospital.

Also pending was the ME’s review is firefighter Jesse Gerhard, 33, who became unresponsive at his Far Rockaway firehouse and died on Feb. 16, hours after battling a two-alarm fire.

The only on-duty death where the ME’s review was completed concerned Lt. Joseph Maiello, 53, who was found unresponsive at Staten Island’s Engine 163/Ladder 83 the day after Christmas. The ME reported that Maiello died from hypertension and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease: natural causes.

Lt. Thomas Keery, 60, died from a medical episode while off duty on Dec. 28 — two days after Maiello — and his cause of death wasn’t released.

In January, firefighter Chris Viviano, 53, died of CoVid-19 complications, according to the FDNY. He was the 16th FDNY member to die from CoVid.

Then, on Feb. 17, Lt. Robert Cruz, of Queens, was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains. A family friend, Felix Soto, said Cruz’s condition rapidly declined and he died at the hospital a day after Gerhard was pronounced dead.

The union president said in a note to all active and retired FDNY members recently, “We have requested that an independent epidemiologist evaluate our concerns and investigate any potential correlations that should be addressed.”

The FDNY issued a brief statement in response, saying “The Department will work with the UFOA — and all unions — to address their concerns.  The health and safety of FDNY members is paramount.”


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