State of the disunion

If there was ever s State of the Union speech that needed to be torn up bt House Speaker Nancy Pelosi it was Tuesday night’s “speech” by President Joe Biden

Biden showed the way that Americans is heading and it is not good. He advocated for many positions that many Americans can not sign up for.

Biden really did celebrate millions of new jobs, despite being down more than 3 million jobs before the pandemic.

His manner and words were not of a president who is facing $5.00/a gallon gas prices or soaring crime rates in the big cities. No Biden is delusional enough to believe that America is on a great path towards prosperity.

I know the SOTU speech is to lay out a grand vision for the next year, but when you give it in March you already lost most of the first quarter of the year.

Biden and his fellow Democrats could not be more disconnected with the American people if he tried. The fact that Pelosi lifted the mask mandate for House members the day before the speech so America would not see masks on the Representatives during the speech speaks volumes to the phrase “follow the science.”

Biden had the audacity to blame businesses for inflation, alleging price gouging, and not prices rising because trillions of more dollars from his spending plan are chasing less product.

The fact that Biden suggested funding the police after almost two years of progressive talk getting rid of cops was laughable. The crime that is sweeping big cities can be laid on his office because of the rhetoric put out by him and his Department of Justice chief Merrick Garland.

The fact that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had trouble with the speech because it did not go left enough for her should offer little solace to the American people.

Biden’s America is not reality to anyone. It was a grab bag of former President Donald Trump’s messages repackaged slightly to claim it was his own.

Biden rebranded his Build Back Better plan as Build a Better America. It sounded a lot like Make America Great Again to me claiming he was going to get businesses to stay in the US.

Thankfully we only had one major error in the speech when Biden said, “we stand with the “Iranian,” not “Ukrainian” people.

The only saving grace in the whole speech was that Pelosi does not have to go to the gym today, because she did enough stomach crunches last night sitting down, then standing up, sitting down, then standing up and sitting down, then standing up to last a lifetime.

If only we could power America with the gaslighting we heard last night, then we might be energy independent again.


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