The other side of Ukraine

I don’t believe we are hearing anything close to the truth when it comes to Ukraine vs. Russia.

In the same vein as the 2016 presidential election of hollering “Russia, Russia, Russia” with respect to former President Donald Trump, the mainstream media has taken up the pro Ukraine defense with little mention of what drew Vladimir Putin’s ire.

You will not hear of the 60,000 Ukrainian troops that were amassed on the Russian border just prior to the invasion. You did not hear of the unknown number of undisclosed Wuhan-like biolabs in the country or the NATO nuclear weapons being planned or house in the country.

Now whether any of this evidence is true or not is unknown due to the fog of war, but suffice it to say they media will not even report on it. What is evident is that Ukraine violated the 2015 Minsk Accord with amassing troops on the border and missile shelling the weekend before Russian troops streamed over the border.

I equate it with the same situation if Mexico was doing any of these alleged acts then the US would have to act in defense in a preemptive response.

Perhaps Russia needs to provide the evidence that proves that these allegations are true, secondly the western media needs to fully investigate the why without hollering “Russia, Russia, Russia” again.

Surely Putin had his reasons to go into Ukraine now despite not acting against it during the Trump administration. President Trump was not a fan of what NATO was doing Ukraine. When he tried to reign in Ukraine and President Joe Biden’s influence there, the democrats impeached him.

This is the other side of the coin. I believe it’s time to flip the coin over to see what is really going on.


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