Mayor Adams needs to get his priorities straight

Mayor Eric Adams told New Yorkers he was going to be tough on crime, yet we are still finding random body parts of victims on the streets.

The NYC subway has daily horror stories of people being attacked. The street shootings are surging and murders this year are above the elevated levels during the last two years of the pandemic.

So what is Adams doing about it? Not much.

His anti-crime street cops units are still going through “training” on not how to police, but how to interact with the criminals. How to “value” the criminals life after they shoot up a street where innocent people may be shot and killed.

Something has to give in this city so let’s see what are the Adams headline for this Wednesday.

Oh, Hizzoner wants to ban chocolate milk from being offered in New York City’s public school cafeterias. Another important plank in his election campaign. He also directed children under 5 years old to continue wearing masks in preschool.

These are the important “quality of life” issues that Adams deemed important this week. You have to shake your head in disgust as crime surges.

There were two Midtown Manhattan crimes on the subway during the early evening hours on Tuesday. One man had a knife and was menacing passengers and another man assaulted a rider by hitting him in the head with a hammer.

It seems this is a typical Tuesday in Adams’ New York City, but it could be a Monday or a Friday, since he has taken office.

The mayor needs to turn the tide and quickly before he takes up the more important societal issues like banning chocolate milk from schools while our youngest kids have to wear their masks.

It’s all about priorities and Mayor Adams can’t seem to get the important priorities done first.


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