Teachers union chief must pay the price

As I have said numerous times, American Federation of Teachers boss Randi Weingarten should be ousted and the union banned for mistreating children.

Weingarten promoted the idea of closing schools because of the pandemic and said last year that I believe kids are resilient and kids will recover.”

Well the new test scores are in and her theory does not hold up.

Because of her senseless policies, our youngest students are missing crucial reading benchmarks. One study shows about 35% of students K-2 are missing reading scores, vs. 21% in 2019. Another shows less than half of students in kindergarten (47%) and 1st grade (48%) in the 2021-22 school year are “on track” to learn to read. That’s down from 55% and 58% in 2019. 

The racial stats are grimmer: Only 37% of black 1st graders are “on track” to hit those literacy benchmarks in 2021, down from 51% in 2019. For Hispanics, it’s 42%, down from 54%.

The lock down on schools have hit the youngest portion of the population the hardest since they cannot progress in their learning development. Your only four years old once.

Remember Weingarten, along with other educational union representatives pushed the federal government not to open schools too early, while its members were fully paid. Remote learning does not work on pre-K students.

Just like now, with children under 5 years old being told the need to have masks on in schools.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams should end this rule immediately as a result of these new studies. Young children need to experience all the social skills they can in pre-K.

That includes reading of books and reading the faces of those around them to learn how to determine and react to any particular situation.

What the teachers union did to kids over the pandemic and it still continues to this day is a crime and the guilty should be punished.


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