NYC serial killer on the loose

One quick note before the column. I write everyday Monday through Friday. Many people are saying they no longer are notified by Facebook that I posted there.

It does not surprise me that I no longer show up on your Facebook feed. So if you go to and click on notifications, you will get a daily email with a link to the column. That’s one way to get around Facebook’s shadow ban.

Now onto the column.

It appears through NYPD reports that a serial killer is roaming the streets of Manhattan killing homeless men. The killer attacked three homeless men in DC between March 3 and March 9, killing one.

On Saturday the same gunman came to Manhattan, where cops say he shot two homeless men in separate incidents in Soho. A third homeless man was found dead on the street, but initial reports could not confirm if he was shot.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams urged the homeless to seek safety in shelters while the killer is still on the loose.

Yet these incidents are not the only heinous crimes in NYC over the weekend.

A three-year old girl was punched and bloodied by a man who attacked an eight-year old in December. The man was not charged in that crime and was set free despite having eight prior arrests.

Two employees of MOMA were stabbed when a deranged man was told he could not be allowed into the museum.

There was also multiple attacks on the subway over the weekend as well with a 15-year old being stabbed in the Bronx.

And last, but not least an 87-year old woman was shoved on the street in Manhattan by a younger woman. The elderly woman is a famed voice coach for singers including Debbie Harry.

The victim remains unconscious with a serious brain injury. Police have little evidence on the perpetrator.

Something needs to change in this city and quick. How you allow these deranged criminals to roam the streets is incredible.

As the weather warms, these type of crimes will only increase and further slow the already stalled economic comeback. Adams needs to come up with a better plan than telling people to get off the streets.


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