How is it Musk can declare war on Russia?

Here’s how crazy the times are that we live in.

The world’s richest man has launched a crusade to take down Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Elon Musk first challenged Putin to man-on-man fight on a battlefield on Twitter over Ukraine. When that was ignored by the former Russian spy chief, Musk turned up the heat.

The Telsa founder launched additional SpaceX satellites and sent Starlink equipment to Ukraine to allow anti-tank drones to find and knock out Russian tanks at night. The move is proving to be quite effective because Putin’s forces cannot shut down the Internet, which is a key component for drone operation.

So now you have a single US citizen taking on Russia without the federal government saying a word on the constitutionality of such an action. Yes, gone are the days when presidents “declared war,” despite the law being that “Congress has the sole power to declare war”. But now we have a lone citizen acting with sovereignty.

I have no dog in the Ukraine invasion — as a matter of fact I’ve written that after the fog of war burns off we’ll see a far different narrative then the one currently being laid out by western media — but if you know this column at all, you know I rely on the US Constitution as the supreme law in the land.

So no matter who breaches its basic tenets I will call them out.

Is Musk working with the Biden administration covertly on this matter? Can’t tell right now. But if that is the case then you have the executive branch of the federal government subverting the US Constitution.

At the end of the day, I don’t want any one US civilian dragging us into a war, especially a man who has children with a woman called Grimes.


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