Dems desperate plea to redraw voting districts

New York state Democrats — led by Gov. Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James — are digging in their heels are defying a judge’s ruling on the redrawing of voting districts.

The duo offered a terse response of “we intend to appeal this decision,” to Judge Patrick McAllister’s ruling last week that rejected New York’s blatantly gerrymandered new congressional and legislative maps and ordered the Legislature to draw new ones that win support from both political parties.

Democrats believe that the state appellate courts, totally controlled by Democratic appointees, will rubber stamp the new maps, which will force Republicans to appeal to the federal courts, which could ultimately delay the election.

The Democrats’ maps aim to slice New York’s GOP seats in the House of Representatives from eight to four, handing Dems 22 safe seats. It similarly limits Republicans to 15 of 63 state Senate seats.


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