A random Tuesday on the NYC subways

Here’s a sampling of today’s headlines:

Man slashes woman in leg on Manhattan subway platform

Perv attempts broad-daylight sex assault on woman leaving NYC subway station: cops

Man with knife on subway tracked down by fellow rider, arrested

Are you noticing a pattern here?

Subway seems to be the location of random attacks on a Tuesday in New York City. But it doesn’t have to be a Tuesday, I could find these type of stories any day of the week and twice that on weekends.

As a person who takes the subway three times a week generally, I always have my head on a swivel. Whether I am in a train car or on a platform, I am totally aware of my surroundings.

Yet I have had too close encounters with people, whether they be homeless people of others looking for a soft target. Bo straphanger in the city feels remotely safe on the subway. They feel as if I survived another day without becoming a victim and a headline.

New York City cannot live like this for much longer.

I have one proposal. The NYPD officers that have subway details should not be on the street outside the entrance to the trains and they should not be staring at their phones while on duty.

I have witnessed this too many times to say it’s a one off.

If New York City is ever going to comeback, then it is up to Mayor Eric Adams to get the subway back in order. It’s a tall order given how far a slide the subway had taken in the last two years, but if it’s left as is no one will return.


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