Woke, go broke on the UES

Four men were shot and killed Wednesday — two in broad daylight — while an additional four people — including three teens — were stabbed during the day.

Welcome to the new New York, where at any given time at any given location violence is liable to happen.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where a man was stabbed on the street at 2 PM on Thursday. It’s one of the last tony neighborhoods left in Manhattan after the mass exodus of CoVid-19 hit the city over the last two years.

The area between Lexington Ave and Madison Ave on 63th Street is close to home to some of the same Wall Street CEOs who are demanding their employees comeback to the office full time because New York is safe.

Perhaps now they may get it, that no matter where you are in Manhattan, nowhere is safe.

These are the same CEOs and directors who became woke two years ago after the death of George Floyd and incorporated horrible ideas into their corporate culture because their wives or mistresses planted these ideas in their heads.

Now, these mistaken notions are coming home to roost. Defund the police now means more to them than ever before.

Besides the knifing on Thursday, there have been other crimes in the area including a man threatening area residents with chopping their heads off with a machete and random attacks of elderly women on the street over the last ten days.

Do I take this current crime wave personal? The short answer is yes, because I travel the same Q train into Brooklyn for work where a Goldman Sachs employee was randomly shot and killed on Sunday.

So when I say these CEOs and board directors of corporations have been living the life of luxury in the Hamptons or Palm Beach, while we toil here in the city, well now it’s coming outside their favorite neighborhood French bistro.

Perhaps we will see more changes from Mayor Eric Adams and Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell on their Herculean task of truly bringing back the city.

You may see three teens stabbed on Third Ave. and 96th Street on a city bus on Thursday, but when you have a stabbing on 63rd Street near Madison Ave. you know the cellphones lit up in City Hall with “concerned citizens”, who host the fancy parties both Adams and Sewell attend on a weekly basis.

Let’s hope that Adams and Sewell don’t just crackdown on crime in the 19th precinct, which covers the bankers home, but broadens the plan out to the entire city.

Time will tell.


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