Gun ban grants criminals the upper hand

Here’s my biggest concern with gun bans in the wake of gunman Salvador Ramos 18, who allegedly shot dead 19 students and two teachers last week at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

It falls in line with invasion of privacy, shutting down churches during a pandemic and silencing people on social media.

These are all inalienable rights granted by God, according to the US Constitution.

These are not rights provided to us by the federal government. In fact the Bill of Rights states that these freedoms cannot be impinged upon by man, and yet they are on a daily basis.

I know to many progressives it’s unfortunate that we have the greatest “living document” — the US Constitution — as our guide post to living. They would rather not handcuff the nanny state, but would grant big brother an all-access pass into our lives.

Reports say 30 people were killed in the US over the Memorial Day weekend, with hundreds wounded. I’ll estimate that all 30 were killed with an illegal firearm.

No gun law will take those weapons off the streets.

So if a gun ban is specifically targeting legal use of a firearm, then the premise for the ban is flawed.


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