Giuliani, Adams spar over SI back slap

You really can’t make this up.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams wants the NYPD and Staten Island District Attorney Mike McMahon to arrest and prosecute former mayor Rudy Giuliani for allegedly filing a false police report over an incident last weekend.

“[Giuliani] falsely reported a crime and the DA should take that seriously,” Adams said during an appearance on the “The Daily Show” Tuesday night.

“That person that he falsely reported spent 24 hours in jail. That’s not acceptable,” said Adams, continuing criticism he first leveled earlier Tuesday at the man hailed as “America’s Mayor” following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack.

Giuliani fired back at Adams on his charge.

“I never filed the police report, contrary to the lying mayor who has crime up more than [Bill] de Blasio. There were five witnesses,” Giuliani said. 

“That’s why he’s acting like a petulant child. Instead of attacking a senior citizen, he should prevent crimes against senior citizens,” the 78-year-old added. 

“This guy is a f—ing loser. When you have crime higher than de Blasio, you should resign,” Giuliani added.

“Because of his report to the police department, a person went to jail for 24 hours,” the mayor said. “This person’s life has been changed because of what — as all of us saw, a pat on the back — was not a punch to the head, was not knocking someone to the ground,” Adams said.

“I believe the DA should look at that and determine what the final outcome is.”


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