Not even Mayor’s staff are safe in NYC

Not even Mayor Eric Adams staffers are safe in the city, while working in fact.

Christopher Baugh, 33, a civilian member of Adam’s advance team, was scouting a location in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning when two black men approached him and told him to give them his wallet and smartphone.

Baugh told the duo “Get out of my way,” cops said and said that he was a well-connected City Hall employee, a high-ranking police source said.

“You don’t want to do this. I work for the mayor,” he told the two crooks.

However the brazen duo ignored the warning, with one man lifting his shirt to display the butt of a pistol tucked into his pants, the source said.

The muggers pushed Baugh to the ground and rifled through his pockets. One of the perps then fled the scene on a Citibike.

Tuesday’s mugging came amid a surge in crime since Adams, a former NYPD cop, was elected last year after running on a pledge to restore law and order to Gotham.

As of June 26, major crimes across the five boroughs were up 37.8% this year compared to the same period in 2021, with robberies rising an even higher 39.4 %, according to official NYPD CompStat data.

Baugh declined to comment but Adams press secretary Fabien Levy said, “Chris works hard for the city every day, and he deserves to be safe while conducting his job, just like every other New Yorker.”

“Public safety has been Mayor Adams’ top priority since day one and that is why the NYPD is working diligently every day to reduce crime,” Levy said.


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