Gov. Hochul’s CoVid-19 probe seems to be on life support

Gov. Kathy Hochul is being charged with slow-walking an important investigation into the state’s response to Covid-19 while her former running mate, disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, ruled Albany.

“When asked about trying to get to the bottom of what happened here in New York during the height of the pandemic, she talks about blue-ribbon panels and finding out about the good, bad and ugly, but I don’t believe her anymore,” said Janice Dean, a senior meteorologist at Fox News who lost both her in-laws to CoVid-19 in nursing homes. 

The governor has suggested on multiple occasions she wants to find the facts about the state’s CoVid-19 response since replacing disgraced Cuomo, who infamously with his Chief of Staff, Melissa DeRosa, covered up data detailing deaths among nursing home residents last August. 

But Gov. Hochul — who is up for election in November — has yet to appoint any investigators or even seek proposals from outside consultants who would help with such an effort.

“She’s slow-walking this investigation as a political move. She’s slowing the investigation because she was part of the administration. She was silent when Cuomo issued the order to put CoVid-19 patients in nursing homes. She was silent the whole time. We already don’t trust her,” Tracey Alvino, assistant director of Voices for Seniors – whose father, Daniel Alvino, died of CoVid-19 in West Islip Nursing Home – told The Post Wednesday.

A spokesman for Cuomo, Richard Azzopardi, fired back at critics of how the former governor handled CoVid-19, which included a controversial order affecting nursing homes. 

“The full number of CoVid-19 fatalities in New York has never been in dispute and craven attempts to further politicize this pandemic become more and more transparent each passing day,” he said in a statement.

In her defense the governor has spoken about the probe.

Hochul personally suggested that “outside consultants” were already being picked by May 23 – a comment that gained her headlines across the state for supposedly pursuing a probe.

“I have to be able to leave future governors what was learned. Not just in the healthcare space in response to nursing homes, but also decisions that affected our economy,” Hochul added.

And yet no word has been released on who or when those “outside consultants” will begin working.


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