NYC major crimes soars in June

Major crimes in NYC soared by more than 30% over last year’s figures as the NYPD battles against repeated felons being arrested.

A rise in six of the seven major crimes measured by the department contributed to the increase — though the seventh category, murders, dropped a noticeable 31.6% last month in comparison to June 2021 numbers, according to the NYPD’s statistics.

Grand larceny spiked 41%, robbery rose 36.1% and burglary went up 33.8%.

Last month 26 murders were committed while a year ago 38 murders were cited, the NYPD said. Shootings incidents are also down by 24.2% from year ago numbers.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell pointed the finger at repeat offenders as being a major problem in fighting the uptick in most categories.

“We have to look at recidivists in a number of these offenses that keep getting out and committing the same crimes over and over again,” she said. “So while we are seeing some declines in homicides and shootings, we’re still focused on the felony assaults, the burglaries and the other offenses as well.

“But we are arresting the same people over and over again and we’re not gonna stop trying to make sure we put them in custody and making sure that they face the consequences for those actions.”

Police said they’ve seized more than 3,700 guns year-date in 2022 with gun arrests at a 27-year high.

There were 355 gun arrests in June 2022 to bring the total number for the six months of the year citywide to 2,381 — a 4% increase from 2,290 gun arrests in the first half of 2021.

“The NYPD’s work to drive down gun violence in New York City is taking hold – with the number of shootings decreasing across all five boroughs,” Sewell said.

“We have taken thousands of guns off the streets — both traditional firearms and ghost guns —and made significant illegal-weapon interdictions along with our law enforcement partners.

“We are encouraged by this downward trend in gun violence as summer gets underway, but realize that we must remain focused on our critical public-safety mission — the lives of New Yorkers depend on it.” 


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