NYC’s monkeypox hypocrisy

Both Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams this weekend declared monkeypox a “public-health emergency,” yet neither told of the most affected people — gay men — what to do, because they did not want to offend.

In fact Don Weiss, a city Health Department veteran who’s served on the frontlines of various outbreaks, disagreed and said so publicly, arguing instead that gay men should temporarily reduce their number of sexual partners to help control infections. He was then, he alleges, punitively reassigned.

Then city health czar Ashwin Vasan spurned Weiss’ sensible advice, and the guidance is so far unchanged despite the “emergency.”

This hearkens back to failed ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio’s call to go eat in Chinatown in the early days of CoVid.

While during CoVid the city then forced businesses to close along with schools, yet now these same pols cannot bring themselves to suggest curtailing sexual contact for two weeks to stop the spread.

Makes me think of the three monkeys See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


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