Even migrants don’t want to come to NYC

Mayor Eric Adams finally admits that he can’t keep people safe in the city.

On Sunday morning Adams was set to meet a busload of migrants sent here from Texas. When the bus arrived in Port Authority only 14 of the expected 40 migrants were on the bus.

The rest got off the bus earlier as the mayor suggested that the most likely reason was “because of the fear that something was going to happen to them if they came to this location, people got off earlier.”

A City Hall spokeswoman would not give specific examples of what the migrants might have feared by coming to New York — although she insisted the mayor was not specifically referring to the city’s soaring crime stats.

Adams has no interest in asking President Biden or federal agencies to change the border policy and ease the flow of migrants to New York.

“As the mayor of the city of New York, I don’t weigh into immigration issues, border issues — I have to provide services for families that are here,” he said.


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