Nassau Republican shows low lights of bail reform

The truth comes out when you have Republicans in charge.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman presented a crime report at a press conference in East Meadow, calling on state legislators to change “woke” bail reform laws, which he and other local officials and community members slammed as “unacceptable.”

The report for the second quarter of 2022, covering the period between April 1 and June 30, shows that out of 3,019 people arrested, 2,641 — or 87.5% — were released without bail.

Of those who were allowed back on the streets, 282 faced assault charges, 103 were arrested on gun-related counts and 487 had drug cases pending.

“The atmosphere of lawlessness that we have in New York state is the direct result of policies, failed policies in Albany that make our communities less safe,” Blakeman said. “Our police are solving the crimes, they’re making the arrests, but they’re literally handcuffed, pun intended.”

Blakeman stressed that the problem was not exclusive to Nassau County, and that New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has blamed the Big Apple’s spike in crime on the state’s progressive bail reforms and repeatedly called for a rollback of the laws.

Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly said, “Discretion must be returned to the judges.”

“We renew our call to the New York state legislature to fix bail reform,” Donnelly said.


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