Councilwoman Paladino’s stands up for her neighbors

Queens Republican Councilwoman Vickie Paladino took matters into her own hand when she confronted a house squatter in her district. Paladino posted a video on Twitter showing the confrontation in College Point.

The man living in a house that the city’s Building Department has already condemned due to disrepair, stood toe-to-toe with the Councilwoman as she told him the house was “a disgrace” and that “This will not stand on my watch”.

The man wearing Holy Cross High School gym shorts and towering over Paladino got out of his car and told her to “go f*^k yourself” to which the feisty councilwoman replied “go f*^k yourself. How’s that?”

“Homeowners have rights and our neighborhoods deserve better. More action coming,” she said as the confrontation subsided.

The squatter then toked on a joint and blew the smoke at Paladino’s face.

In her tweet, Paladino described the man’s dilapidated home as “a known squatter house in my district at 20th Ave and 146th street in College Point.”

This is an example of how New York City can keep some of its neighborhoods safe, We need more politicians to demand that quality of life issues are important to a neighborhood.


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