Hochul plays sheriff with little success

Gov. Kathy Hochul took credit over the weekend for locking up a career criminal who sucker punched a random man in the Bronx.

“I need the district attorneys and the judges to do their jobs and when they don’t as the governor I’ll be there,” Hochul told a Jewish crowd out in the Hamptons.

The NYPD charges of attempted murder were later downgraded by Bronx District attorney Darcel Clark, and the man was released without bail.

What the the governor failed to mention in her speech was the state’s infamous bail reform law which she will not change. The bail reform law is what put this convicted sex fiend back on the streets the same day.

Hochul has no one to blame but herself. Instead to going to the mat with the Legislature to fix those disastrous reforms, she signed off — with much fanfare — on empty tweaks. And though she has the power to replace prosecutors like Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who will not do their job, she won’t.

Hochul is not the new sheriff in town. No she is the same old Democrat who tries to play the middle with very little success.


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