NYC hits 6K migrant mark from Texas

New York City has swelled by 6,000 migrants since May when Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott began sending busloads of illegal immigrants to our sanctuary city.

 The influx of buses are almost arriving daily from the southern border. Abbott says he wants Democratic cities to feel some of the pain Texans are feeling due to the Biden administration’s open border policy.

Roughly 100 migrants have been showing up daily outside the Port Authority since the first bus arrived on Aug. 5 from Texas. At the time Abbott called the Big Apple an “ideal destination” because of the consent decree that gave homeless people the “right to shelter.”

Mayor Eric Adams chastised Abbott about not alerting city officials about new arrivals.

“The governor of Texas is not giving any information at all, no matter how much we try to coordinate crisis calls on coordination,” he said.

While Adams is saying he will house all these migrants, the other side is beseeching the White House for more aid.

“The White House gave us the pathway to receive the assistance. We’re going through the process of doing so and we’re optimistic we’re going to receive some assistance.”

You will recall I wrote last week how Gov. Kathy Hochul said at a press conference that she welcomed Abbott’s migrants because we need them for economic growth.


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