Adams seeks sanctuary outside the city

New York’s City’s jetsetting mayor was spotted in the Hamptons over the weekend attending a fundraiser at a Greek Orthrodox Church in Southampton.

The playboy after dark was also found midcourt Monday night at the Serena Williams tennis match, but at least that was in Queens, where Adams does not get too much, except to flyover on his way out east.

While actually administering his duties as mayor, Adams on Monday said the city has registered more than 7,500 migrants since May.

“We have about 5,700 that are currently in our shelters,” Adams told reporters Monday at City Hall. 

“This is in addition to the men and women of this city and families, children and families, who need shelter,” he added, referring to the city’s current homeless shelter population tallied at just over 52,300, according to the latest figures.

There was no breakdown of how many migrants arrived from Texas as Gov. Greg Abbott continues to send buses from the border.

Meanwhile embattled social services chief, Gary Jenkins, will be out of the office for nearly two weeks as the city’s shelter system strains under the weight of this growing population.

Jenkins serves as the commissioner of the Department of Social Services, which controls the two agencies at the heart of the city’s migrant response — the Department of Homeless Services and the Human Resources Administration.

Between Adams and Jenkins actions we see a city response that lacks leadership and responsibility. Whether you are pro-immigration or not, the Democrats have labeled New York a sanctuary city, but neither one is living up to that challenge.


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