Working Americans can’t get a break under Biden

A new study out of Brandeis University tells us just how bad President Joe Biden’s economy is for working class Americans.

The research shows that more than a third of US families that work full-time do not earn enough money to cover their most basic needs, including housing, food and child care.

The situation gets more dire when you look at Black and Hispanic families where more than 50% of them cannot afford the basics.

For comparison, a quarter of white families and 23% of Asian families are struggling to make rent and buy food, despite holding down full-time jobs.

Low-income families with children are doing especially poorly, according to the survey, with more than two-thirds of full-time workers failing to earn enough to make ends meet.

“These results are a wake-up call for decision makers to prioritize policies that address income inequality and racial and ethnic equity and extend real opportunities for economic self-sufficiency,” said Dr. Pamela Joshi, senior research scientist and lead study author.

The study, which is based on 98,000 households, also found that more than half of low-income Hispanic families do not have health insurance, and more than three-quarters do not have pensions.

“When families can’t afford their basic needs, it places stress on parents’ health, and it increases the likelihood that children will continue to lack resources and opportunities that promote their well-being,” said study co-author Dr. Dolores Acevedo-Garcia.

This study shows why Democrats should not count on minority communities for their vote. These are Americans who are working and can barely get by. These households are not counting on the handouts that the left are giving away each and everyday.

Just another signpost of what to expect in November.


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