Charles III seems like a reluctant ruler

Long live the king is the new call coming from the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth.

But just how long will Charles III rule the country?

History taught us that Charles I was a despot and cruel ruler before being beheaded. Charles II was a scoundrel, who had many wives and lovers, but is beloved for restoring some dignity to the monarch.

Now Charles III, whose most outrageous charge is telling the future queen consort Camilla Parker-Bowles that he wished to be her tampon after divorcing Princess Diana. My how times have changed.

King Charles is a philanthropist, through his Prince’s Trust organization, and a environmentalist.

At 73 years old it is odd to say he will bring the monarchy into the 21st century with many changes coming soon like reducing the royal family’s peers, who are on the dole.

My only question is how long will King Charles III rule? He really hasn’t had a real purpose in his 73 years and does he really want to start one now?

Maybe he will stick around for a while so his son and heir William and wife Kate can raise their three children with some sense of normalcy before sitting on the throne.

The king is scheduled to speak to his subjects today and perhaps we will find out some answers to these questions. His coronation will not happen for sometime, so there is room for him to decide on his future.

As the new national anthem for the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth goes, God save the king.

And I wish him well. Long live the king.


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