Adams’ help wanted signal for migrants

Mayor Eric Adams was down in Washington DC again yesterday telling anyone who may listen to him that he wants the migrants, who are flooding the city to have the ability to start work immediately upon arrival.

The Mayor believes the migrants hould not have to wait until the US Citizenship and Immigration Services holds a hearing on individual cases, which could take up to six months, to grant working papers.

“I think it’s imperative that we look at the employment. Think about this for a moment. We’re telling migrants and asylum seekers, ‘You can come to the country but for six months you can’t work.’ What? Six months you can’t work,” Adams said at a National Press Club interview.

“So six months you are having people who just sit idly by, waiting. So who’s supposed to pick up the tab for that? If the federal government is saying that for six months you can’t work, then the federal government should be saying for six months we [are] going to compensate you. Because someone has to pay for that,” the mayor added. 

Hizzoner continued, “The strange thing is, particularly in New York and across the country, there’s such a demand for, [a] need of employees. Many of my industries are dying to get employees.” 

“So if you are a nurse from Venezuela, why am I having you sit down and not be using your medical profession to help in the hospitals that we have a shortage of nurses.”

He added, “If you are an engineer, we have a shortage of engineers. If you are a teacher, we have a shortage of teachers, bilingual teachers. So that six months delay is creating a bigger crisis.”

Now, can someone tell me how many of the estimated 10,000 migrants who have exited buses from Texas and Arizona over the last few months are engineers, or nurses, or teachers?

I would venture very few, because those professionals would have other options to migrate instead of showing up at our border seeking asylum.

Adams of course is just playing his usual game of seeking more federal funding from the Biden administration. It’s his second favorite activity after partying at night.


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